Holston Cross Country Team Hits its Stride

Six high school students, dressed in running attire, stand in front of a chain link fence near a running track.After a few seasons of rebuilding, Coach Sammy Campbell and his Cross Country Team at Holston High School hit their stride in the 2014 season. The team acquitted itself well throughout the season, but the members turned in their best performances at the district finals meet at the William Harris Park in Council, Virginia.

The Council track is one of the most challenging places to run.  It features a lengthy stretch that rises at an approximate 30 degree angle. The track puts leg strength and endurance to the test.

At the end of the run, four members of the team---Tanner S., Michael J., Miles H., and Renee I.---all qualified for the upcoming Regional Meet. This was an outstanding showing for the team and the runners as individuals. The team built up their running prowess through hours of practice on the Virginia Creeper Trail.  Ultimately, Tanner S. went on to represent Holston at the state finals a few weeks later. Coach Campbell and the team are to be congratulated for their work and accomplishments this season.

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Jackson Barker