Holston GATE and Dual Enrollment Students Walk in Jefferson’s Footsteps

Several teenagers stand beside a pond.HHS’s GATE and U.S. History Dual Enrollment students traveled to Charlottesville on March 24th and 25th and briefly saw the world through the eyes of America’s third president.  Students received a 3 hour guided tour that highlighted many of the innovations that Thomas Jefferson created and used in his own home.

Jefferson was a true renaissance man who dabbled in philosophy, politics, architecture, agriculture, and inventing.  One of the inventions on display was the “Great Clock”, which had a dual face.  This clock would show the time to the people inside the house as well as the workers in the field.  Students were also able to make note of Monticello’s extensive flower gardens and gaze into the reflecting pool, where Jefferson conceived some of his best ideas.

On the way to Monticello, the students stopped for tours of the campuses of Radford University and the University of Virginia.  Jefferson’s handiwork can be seen across the grounds of UVA.  The famous Rotunda was one of his designs.

Teachers Julie Matlock and Joy Munsey led the trip.  The students came away with a great amount of respect for the life work of Thomas Jefferson.

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