Holston High School: Cav Cheerleaders Hit the Big Stage

Thirteen teenaged females are standing in a huddle dressed in cheerleader outfits with a college mascot, dressed as a turkey, at the back of the huddle.The Holston High School Cheerleaders were recently invited to cheer at the ACC Championship. The Cav ladies led the crowd in cheers prior to the game in Charlotte on December 6th. Being asked to participate was a high honor, as only three teams from Virginia made the cut.

HHS’s Cheerleaders qualified for the event by winning a Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) sponsored camp competition at ETSU in the Summer.  Squad members are: Jesse R., Rachel F., Raven K., Caitlyn D., Kaitlyn R., Hannah H., Amber H., Sydney T., Noelle M., Sara B., Taylor B., Emily A., Miranda H., Jordan P., and Katie H.  Sponsor Gina Thomas and her crew have earned the respect of the school and their fellow cheerleaders from Southwest Virginia.

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Jackson Barker