Holston High School Steps Up to Donate Blood

A teenaged female is lying on a gurney.The Holston FBLA club hosted their annual Marsh Blood drive on Wednesday, September 13th.   Holston High's faculty, staff, and students were eligible to donate blood.  Several senior students were asked for quotes about their blood donating experience.

Leah C., who is the FBLA Treasurer, said "Donating blood is such a rewarding experience to me. Taking 20 minutes out of my life to help save someone else's is a simple yet amazing opportunity." Kagan M. stated that, “It's great to know that I did something that will make a difference.”  Becca H. said that, "I donate blood outside of school as well. It is a great feeling to know I am helping others." Takoda C. stated that, “Donating blood helps people; so when you donate, it makes you feel like you have done something to help out the cause.  FBLA club secretary, Linsey C. added that she enjoys donating blood because the simple process can save up to 3 adult lives or 6 babies.”  She further recommend that anyone eligible should go donate & “be a hero!"

Senior blood donors were able to gain points that go towards their red cord to be worn at graduation. Faculty and Staff also volunteered as surrogate donors in lieu of students who might have not been eligible to donate.  The blood drive was a huge success and the FBLA is thankful that we have so many willing individuals at Holston High.  In all, 24 units were donated.  The school and the community is grateful for the commitment.

Contact Person: 
Sammy Campbell