Holston Student is Making a Big Difference

A teenaged female student stands beside a recycling can used for collecting plastic bottles.Isabella M., a freshman at HHS, has launched a school-wide recycling project.  She has placed blue recycling cans at key points in the building for students and teachers to deposit their plastic bottles.  She accessed community help in the project, as she persuaded the Abingdon Lowe's Home Improvement Store to contribute the blue collection cans. 

She empties all the cans twice a week, gathering two 50 pound bags of plastic bottles.  These items are removed from the waste stream.

Isabella would like to expand her recycling effort to include aluminum in the future.  She would also like to try some art projects that feature the use of her bottles.  She also hopes to create some promotional posters to make everyone in the building aware of the value of recycling.

Contact Person: 
Jackson Barker