HPES: Do You Know the Alphabet? Yes, We Know the Alphabet!

Two kids sitting in the floor drawing alphabet letters.Kindergarten students at High Point Elementary are enjoying learning the alphabet in many fun ways.  The students are learning alphabet songs like, What Do the Letters Say? and Alphardy.  They are learning to write the letters using correct formation using paint, shaving cream, sand, and playdough.

The students are practicing putting the letters in alphabetical order with letter trains.  They are playing fun games like “Stinky Cheese” and “Alphabet Crash.”  They are learning to identify the beginning letter sounds and are sorting items based on the beginning sound.  They’re learning to match capital letters to lowercase letters.  Students are even creating Learning Logs to document their activities.  The kindergartners are excited to learn the alphabet and how letters make words. 

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Meredith Doane