HPES Fifth Grade Students Visit WonderWorks!

A student smiling.Have you ever become a human lightning rod, experienced the feel of weightlessness, or been caught in a category one hurricane?  That’s exactly what the fifth graders at High Point Elementary School were able to experience this month when they visited WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

With six different WonderZones, the students were never at a loss for ‘edu-tainment.’  It was easy to forget they were learning!  The gyroscope in the Astronaut Training Challenge took them into weightlessness with spins and rotations, just like real astronauts.  Then, they could go to Hurricane Hole where they experienced a simulated hurricane, including 71 mile-per-hour winds!

Students were able to push themselves physically by lifting their entire body weight with a system of pulleys, and pedal a bicycle to make enough energy to send them in a vertical 360 degree circle.  They experienced rock climbing, a bed of nails, and fun in Bubble Land!  All the students came home with a better understanding of concepts in math, science, physical fitness and the arts.  With all the hands-on experiences that were available to them, the trip will surely be an experience they will all remember.

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Amy Moretz