HPES Kindergarten Students are Building a Strong Community!

A group of children standing with a adults.On Monday, November 24th, High Point Elementary Kindergarten welcomed community helpers into their classrooms. We had a vast array of helpers.

We welcomed a Navy veteran. He shared with the students photographs of the vessels he sailed on and special mementos he acquired during his time of service. Two firemen came to discuss their roles in our community. One discussed the importance of not being afraid of a fireman if seen dressed in his uniform. The other fireman discussed the importance of fire alarms and knowing when and who to call in case of an emergency. Another important community helper who visited us, was a pastor from a local church. He perfectly explained his role in the community and how he can help people if they feel sad or mad. HPES Kinders also got to hear from a nurse and an occupational therapy assistant. All of the community helpers brought special equipment used in their field. The students were amazed by the equipment used when someone needed help putting on their socks and shoes! They learned the importance of a nurse wearing gloves and the term stethoscope. HPES Kindergarten always enjoys the opportunity to open their doors to the community, and the students love to show off their special community helper!

Contact Person: 
Meredith Doane