HPES Second Grade Students Participate in Presidential Mock Election

A group of students all wearing red standing and sitting in a classroom.The day before the real general presidential election, Nov. 7, 2016, the second grade students at High Point Elementary participated in a mock election, voting on their favorite presidential candidate.  Mrs. Matchett held a brief discussion with her three math core classes of who was running for the election, and gave facts about each candidate.

Students discussed what they knew or had heard about each person running. Students even defended their candidate when the question was asked, “Who would make the best president and why?”

Finally, the ballots were handed out. Students were reminded to keep their ballots secretive.  After ballots were cast, they were counted and tabulated for each core.  Students were asked to check back at the end-of-day to see who the winner would be, as the results would be posted on the board in the classroom. Although some students were absent that day, Trump still won the election by a landslide.  Final results showed Trump’s score with 54 votes and Clinton only receiving 5 votes.   The roaring, cheering crowd smiled with success as the final votes were posted.

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Jill Matchett