HPES Students Turn Something Old into Something New

Children gathered around two adults as they give a demonstration.Have you ever thought about all of the wasted newspaper that each family throws away in just one week? Well, as our students learned through our STEM activity recycled paper can not only save our Earth, prevent environmental damage, but also be used to create something useful for the upcoming holiday season.

Our students used a week’s worth of newspapers to create their own recycled paper! They enjoyed going through the process of making recycled paper and smacking it on the windows to dry overnight. Each student received a piece of the paper to create their own holiday card for someone special. During this process, several other faculty members joined in our paper making activity including Mr. Cregger, Mrs. Noe, Coach Ricker, and Ms. Peterson. The students shared their thoughts about the project with everyone that entered the room. They were amazed at how durable the recycled paper was and insisted on repeating this activity at home. 

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Meredith Doane