Interactive American Literature at JSBHS

Kids with rainbow a  painting.Ms. Jennifer Daniel's English 11 students recently participated in end-of-the-year projects, which required each group to present a literary period from their study of American literature.  Each group had 10-12 minutes to present the history, beliefs, and writing style of their assigned period.

In addition, each group had to design an interactive element of their presentation that involved the whole class getting out their desks and making something together as a group.  Pictured here is the end result of the Transcendentalist group from 1st period English 11; Juniors Keiran S., Dani S., Dylan H., and Lindsey M. had all of their classmates work together to create a painting of a tree and rainbow scene using their hand and finger prints.  The images of nature, the heavens (the rainbow), and the class itself work together to represent the Over-Soul, a key Transcendentalist concept.  Following the completion of their painting, the entire class posed with their creation.

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