John S. Battle Biology Students Have A Hands-On Lesson

Students sit at a table while a man holds a human heartThis semester Ms. Smithlund’s Biology classes had a guest lecturer, Jeremiah Gaddy, to talk about body systems. Jeremiah is a 4th year medical student about to graduate from the Quillen College of Medicine at ETSU and heading to Wake Forest to begin a three year residency for emergency medicine.

While at John Battle, Jeremiah brought human organs (heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, and brain) to discuss the organ systems. The students were able to examine and hold each organ during the two day lecture. They had the opportunity to see what smoking does to the lungs, what a stroke looks like on the brain, and what a bypass surgery looks like on a heart. The students were engaged throughout the entire lecture and will not soon forget this lesson.

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Andrea Helton