John S. Battle High School | "The Art of Histology"

A group of students painting at a table.Students in Mr. Pearman’s Anatomy and Physiology class took a close look at some human tissue samples during their Histology Unit this month at John Battle High School.

Histology means the study of tissue, and during the course of their study Mr. Pearman presented the students with a different task. The students were introduced to the concepts of Impressionism – a style of painting which became popular in France during the 1860’s. Mr. Pearman asked the students, like famous artist Claude Monet, to examine a scene (in their case human tissue on microscope slides) and recreate their “impression” of it on a watercolor canvas.

The students worked individually and found tissue samples from various parts of the human anatomy that really inspired them during the course of the activity. The students have invited John Battle Art teacher, Margaret Jego, to judge their artwork in what they have called their “Art of Histology Exhibit”. The artwork is currently on display at John S. Battle High School where it will remain through the beginning of September.

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Josh Pearman