Kindergarten Students at Meadowview Elementary are Spreading the "Aloha Spirit".

Two kindergarten students from Meadowview Elementary sit at a table in front of a bowl, ready for their Hawaiian treat.Students in Mrs. McKinney's kindergarten class have been celebrating the Hawaiian culture with a fellow student from that area. They are learning and practicing phrases such as "Aloha" (hello/welcome) and "Mahalo" (thank you).

They have read "Kolohe 'Iole," a funny and beautifully illustrated book about how a rascally rat learns his lesson. And best of all, they have had a taste of Hawaiian cuisine when they tasted "Butter Mochi," which is a traditional dessert made with mochiko flour and coconut. How special and exciting it is to learn about the world around them, especially the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

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Elizabeth Belcher