Meadowview Elementary 5th Graders Work Together to Learn

Several 5th grade students pulling strings connected to a rubber band to lift plastic cups and add to a cup pyramid.Fifth grade students at MES participated in a series of team building activities during the first week of school. One of the activities that Kyler T. and Angel G. completed was the pyramid activity. 

This activity required all members of the group to work together to build a pyramid using only 10 cups, string, and a rubber band, without touching the cups with any part of their body.  The members of the group were not allowed to use their hands during this activity.  They quickly learned that communication was the key to successfully building their pyramid.  Students enjoyed learning each other’s strengths during this particular activity.

After completing the pyramid activity, the class discussed what was needed to be successful.  Several mentioned the fact that one member of the group needed to give directions and the others had to work together to ensure that directions were followed.

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Elizabeth Belcher