Meadowview Elementary Celebrates “Read for the Record”!

Two Meadowview Elementary fifth grade students read aloud to two younger students seated around a small group table.On October 21, 2014, MES celebrated “Read for the Record” by reading Bunny Cakesby Rosemary Wells throughout the building.  The goal for “Read for the Record” is to set a nationwide record for reading the same book on the same day all across the United States. 

Each grade level at MES celebrated by experiencing Bunny Cakes  in their own way.  Some classes buddy read the story, some listened to the story, and some enjoyed it on the SmartBoard or iPads. The highlight of the day was when 5th grade readers shared the story with PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade.

Children at all grade levels enjoyed Rosemary Wells’ tale about Max and Ruby and the Red-Hot Marshmallow Squirters!

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Elizabeth Belcher