Meadowview Elementary Celebrates the Careers of Our Community

A group of Meadowview Elementary students stand in a line outside listening to a Virginia State Police Officer.On October 31, 2014 students at Meadowview Elementary School attended the fourth annual Career Day Extravaganza. Fifty-seven presenters volunteered their time to come teach students about some of the exciting career options available today.

Presenters engaged students with hands-on demonstrations, visual presentations, and informative discussions about their chosen fields. Because of the marvelous turnout from the Meadowview Elementary School family and the local community, each class was able to learn about at least 13 of the 38 different careers represented during this fabulous opportunity. Presenters came from a wide variety of fields. Careers represented included Electrical Engineer, Wildlife Biologist, Local News Anchor, Mechanical Engineer, Wings Air Rescue pilot and crew, Photographer, Music Store Owner, Veterinarian, Forester, Construction, Speech Pathologist, Astronautics Engineer and Railroad Mechanic just to name a few. Each presenter told students how the knowledge and skills learned in elementary school were necessary for his or her career. Students were inspired by both the presenters’ experiences and their willingness to share their insights. They came away with some fresh ideas to answer the age old question, “What am I going to be when I grow up?”

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Elizabeth Belcher