Meadowview Elementary Fifth Grade Students Become New Teachers

Children working in a computer lab.Mrs. Atwell’s fifth grade class has been working with the third grade classes to help students develop testing strategies for the SOL test. Each fifth grade student was assigned to a “buddy” where they worked together once a week to discuss a reading passage and then look at the questions that go with the story.

The fifth grade “teacher” discussed each question and had their “student” identify important words from the question. Once the students knew what the question was asking, together they went back into the passage to find the answer. The “teacher” expressed the importance of highlighting their answer so that they would have proof. Once they identified the answer, they wrote the paragraph and line where they found their answers.

The fifth grade students explained to their “student” the difference between a question that is considered a “give me” (meaning that they could find the answer in the passage) and other types of questions. If the students didn’t agree on a question or was unsure how to explain the question, they asked an expert, their classroom teacher, to explain. This allowed both classroom teachers to quickly identify skills that were not understood for reteaching.

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Elizabeth Belcher