Meadowview Elementary Fifth Graders Travel the World!

Two Meadowview Elementary fifth grade students work at a table with an iPad and an atlas.Meadowview Elementary fifth graders are taking imaginary trips around the world!  They are doing this to learn about atlases.  The students started by picking a location and doing research on their choice destination.  They were able to use iPads, atlases and encyclopedias.  

The students gathered information on the land, economy, natural vegetation, and weather for their destination.   They even wrote about experiences they had while visiting the location!  They really enjoyed writing and illustrating a postcard from their chosen destination to the school.  Some of locations the students chose were Beijing, Siberia, Barcelona, Pompeii, Tokyo and Thailand.  The fifth graders had so much fun learning about their location and about atlases!  In fact, many of them said they now hope to visit these locations some day!

Contact Person: 
Elizabeth Belcher