Meadowview Elementary Pre-K Students Investigate Pumpkins

A Pre-K student, surrounded by classmates, smells a pumpkin held by the teacher.Pre-K Students at MES have been studying the 5 Senses.  On Friday September 26th they put their 5 senses to use by investigating pumpkins.  When students touched the pumpkin they said that it was hard and smooth on the outside. 

On the inside the pumpkin was soft and gooey.  When students used their eyes to see the pumpkin they said that the pumpkin was orange and green.  When students used their ears as the teachers knocked on the pumpkin they said that it sounded like there was nothing inside.  When students smelled the pumpkin they said it smelled kind of sweet.  When students tasted the raw pumpkin they said that it tasted plain but the pumpkin cheesecake students made tasted sweet.  Students enjoyed their pumpkin investigation as we studied our 5 senses and also the letter P.  Students had a great time with this STEM experience. 

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Elizabeth Belcher