Meadowview Elementary School | Third Grade Students Observe, Explore, and Predict

Students in a classroom.Meadowview Elementary Third Grade Students Observe, Explore, and Predict The third grade students in Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Stiltner's class utilized their understanding of the scientific method during the first week of school.

The activities were geared towards the steps of the scientific method; as well as student observations to demonstrate what they know.  It was an enjoyable learning experience and the students were engaged in various hands-on learning tasks.  First, students made predictions and then came up with their own hypotheses.  Next, students were able to conduct experiments which actively involved the 7 steps they have been learning about in class. Meadowview Elementary third graders Finally, students were able to collaborate and discuss their results which made their learning even more fun.  Meadowview Elementary students know how to collectively conduct experiments to use the scientific method!

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Meredith Doane