Meadowview Elementary Second Graders Create“Totally Epic” Art with William King Art Center

A second grade student from Meadowview Elementary holds her cherry blossom art project.Right before the holiday break, William King Art Center treated Mrs. Mink’s 2nd grade class to an art project about Ancient China. After seeing the technique for blowing paint across a page to form branches, the students exclaimed that it was “totally epic.”

As an introduction to our Ancient China Studies, the students created a beautiful cherry blossom scroll using simple art tools such as straws and q-tips. The whole lesson centered on tying art into our social studies SOLS. The children were questioned in regards to the map of Asia where landforms were discussed. Many visuals were included such as pictures of Chinese children, The Great Wall of China, and the Terra Cotta Statue Army. The children were able to see an actual Chinese fan, umbrella and Chinese money. It was a wonderful lesson and the scrolls turned out beautifully. Many thanks to William King Art Center for providing a special “holiday treat” for 2nd graders at Meadowview Elementary School. 

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Elizabeth Belcher