Meadowview Elementary Students are Using Legos for S.T.E.M.

Two second grade boys sit in the floor working with a set of Legos.In January, Meadowview Elementary School received some special packages in the mail.  Legos!  Actually, 12 kits of Legos were received to be used in Mrs. Mink's 2nd grade class and Mrs. Cury's 1st grade class. Mrs. Mink and Mrs. Cury agreed to pilot the Lego Education program after attending the NCTM conference in Richmond this past fall.

The kids love the idea that they are using Legos on a weekly basis and the teachers love the mathematics ideas that can be demonstrated through the use of Legos. In addition to the pieces, the teachers have access to the software site through Lego Education. The kids can manipulate the pieces both physically and virtually.  It's so much fun that we don't realize we are learning!

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Elizabeth Belcher