Mental Math Bee at Greendale Elementary

Nine students who were winners from the Mental Math Bee stand in the hallway holding up their certificates.Poptarts cost $1.89.  If you have $10, how many boxes of Poptarts could you buy?   It takes 12 minutes to get to school and 45 minutes to get ready.  What time do you need to wake up if you must arrive at school by 8:15?    

Many math problems we encounter each day require us to solve them without paper, pencil or a calculator.  Mrs. Belcher’s 4th grade math students at GES have been sharpening their mental math skills. Mental math helps students recognize reasonable answers.  Mental computation forces students to think about numbers and number relationships.  Mental math helps students develop a keen number sense and builds confidence.

Here are the results of our 1st Nine Weeks Mental Math Bee: 


1st place- Baleigh B., 2nd place- Skyla K., 3rd place- Olivia J.


1st place- Erika H., 2nd place- Breanna R., 3rd place-Ali B.


1st place- Nick H., 2nd place- Maggie S., 3rd place-Lance B.

Students who were eliminated also enjoyed trying to “beat the champ” by solving the same mental math problems on dry erase boards.  We will keep practicing!  The 2nd Nine Weeks Mental Math Bee is just around the corner!

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Jennifer Ramseyer