MES Enjoys Frindle Family Night

A family enjoying the activitiesMES students and faculty recently began reading Frindle by Andrew Clements as part of their One School, One Book kickoff. To celebrate the book, a PTA Frindle Family Night was held on October 11th. Students and parents had the opportunity to participate in various family activities such as leaf design, a Spirograph art center, and a word search race.

During the event, prizes were awarded for group work and for attending the event.  Attendees had the opportunity to win gift cards, ice cream certificates, and a family movie night at home with pizza and a movie rental. The adults especially enjoyed time at the Spirograph art center and reminisced about their childhood experiences using the Spirograph. MES students had a wonderful time working alongside their families and enjoyed learning that Mrs. Williams was a talented Spirograph artist.

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Jason Fleming