MES Second Graders Have a Howling Good Time at Bays Mountain!

A group of children sitting on wooden benches in a forest setting.Meadowview Elementary School’s second grade students enjoyed a fun and informative field trip to Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport on October 25th.  Our well-behaved and attentive group was introduced to an active pack of wolves, and they learned about what wolves eat, their habitat, and how a leader is chosen of a wolf pack.

Next up was a visit to the Herpetarium, where students learned all about reptiles and amphibians.  They were able to see how snakes live in their natural habitat.  All of the second graders loved their visit to the Raptor Center where they saw different kinds of owls, falcons, and hawks.  The students left the park with a wealth of information about animals that are native to our region.  We look forward to applying what we learned in our classrooms throughout the school year!

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Patricia Cury