Multi-School Experiential Education at the Channels

Twenty high school students sit on a large rock formation after completing a hiking trip.On October 24 and 25, students from Patrick Henry HS and Holston HS joined Abingdon HS AT2 on a weekend excursion to the Great Channels of Virginia. The group arrived on Friday afternoon in time to set up camp, start the fire, and cook dinner before lights out.

On Saturday the multi-school group hiked up to and explored the chasms of the Channels. The purpose of the trip was to teach experientially, to connect students to the amazing land in Washington County, and to give students positive school related experiences. Geology was easy to discuss and teach among the amazing canyons; weather was more than a lecture lesson as a thermal inversion kept us warm at night and produced a river of fog way down below in the valleys around Hayter’s Gap; and astronomy was a fun discussion when we carried our s’mores away from the campfire and looked to the stars. Many thanks to Virginia Hollifield, Kim Laws, Marywood Sparks, Eric Hoffman, and Steve Ahn for making the trip a reality.

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Steve Ahn