Patrick Henry High Natural Resources Students and Outdoor Club Officers Explore Virginia's Highest Elevation!

Twenty Four people stand and sit while looking at the camera.On Monday, October 16, 2017 twenty- four enthusiastic students, along with  teachers Mr.Thayer and Mr.Hoffman, completed a hike from Grayson Highlands State Park along the Appalachian Trail to the Mount Rogers Summit, then to Elk Garden.

Collaborative studies included career opportunities,varying weather conditions ,geology and history of the area, wildlife and overall "hiking ethics" while in nature. Along the hike, which was over 7 miles, the group separated into smaller units to conform to "low-impact" exploration of the wilderness area. Many students were following the same footsteps that their parents had from many years before when they were in the program. By involving students in an outdoor classroom, it is hopeful that they will be positively influenced and better prepared for what may be before them.

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Kevin Thayer