Patrick Henry High School - The Commonwealth of Patrick Henry vs. Gene Forrester

Students sitting in desks while one student stands.Students in Mrs. Burke’s English 10 recently studied John Knowles’ novel A Separate Peace. After reading the novel, students researched several topics associated with the novel and decided to put the main character, Gene Forrester, on trial for the murder of his best friend Finny.

Students portrayed prosecuting and defense attorneys, judge, jury members, bailiffs, court reporters, court clerks, and witnesses based on characters in the novel.  Research projects were based on the duties of each member of the “trial”.  After a two-day trial, the jury determined that Gene Forrester was...NOT GUILTY!  In a plot twist, Dr. Stanpole admitted to killing Finny! To discover the truth, the real truth, and only the truth, read John Knowles’ novel for yourself.

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Melissa Burke