Patrick Henry High School English Students Make Their Own Movies

Eight people stand on stairs and hold a piece of paper.Students in Ms. Belcher’s 2nd block English 11 just finished reading and studying John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men. As a final project, students had to complete six steps while planning their film adaptation of the novel. 

First, students had to choose actors who would fit the roles of the major characters of the novel.  Next, students had to specifically describe the three specific locations they would use to film their movie.  In the third step, students explained any elements they would emphasize, alter, or remove from their movie version. Then, students created a budget they would use for their movie, including how much they would spend on actors, employees, props, setting, advertising, etc.  Next, students designed posters to advertise their movies. Finally, students wrote a review, expressing how a critic would rate the movie and if their movie would win any awards.

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Tina Osborne