Patrick Henry High School Students Create Quipus and Zampoñas

A girl and a boy hold  colored strings.The Spanish three students at Patrick Henry High School recently concluded a unit study of the Incan empire.  They read about and discussed the language, food, and history of the Incan culture.  

At the end of the unit, the students created their own quipus and zampoñas.  A quipu is a series of different colored strings with various knots used in the past by the Incas to record and remember a variety of facts and information.  A zampoña is a pan flute used by many of the indigenous people throughout the Andes Mountains.  Students made their quipus from yarn to reflect important numbers in their lives such as their age and addresses.  Their zampoñas were made from cardboard and large straws.  It was a great way to end an interesting and educational unit!

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Tina Osborne