Patrick Henry High School | Students Go Back to MES

Students standing on a stage.

On April 16th, a project based learning (PBL) Oceanography class traveled to Meadowview Elementary School to visit Ms. Stoessel’s third grade class. The Patrick Henry High School students were tasked with creating lesson objectives as part of their project; they were in a role of a teacher trying to educate students about coral reef.

They had to incorporate many different teaching methods in order to be able to teach to several different learning styles. The PHHS students traveled to Meadowview Elementary School to teach Ms. Stoessel’s third grade class about coral reefs. The PBL style of teaching helped the high school students to step out of their comfort zone on many levels. Areas that a PBL classroom focuses on are as follows...



  • Soft skills
  • Agency
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Citizenship
  • Connections
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Eric Hoffman