PHHS AP English 11 and 12 Students Attend A Barter Players Presentation

People standing in front of a fence.On April 1, 2015, students from Ms. Belcher’s AP English 11 and Ms. Duncan’s AP English 12 classes attended the Barter Players presentation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Before the show, students participated in a mini-workshop, which provided a summary of Hamlet as well as introduced and explained Shakespeare’s use of iambic pentameter.

Senior Isaac C. stated, “Iambic pentameter is the heartbeat to the main emotion evoked by the enactment that was presented.” Students were then treated to a two-act portrayal of Hamlet performed by a cast of six! After the show, students participated in another workshop which discussed the themes of the play and how they can be applied to the students ’daily lives.  Isaac also commented, “ I also feel as though my classmates and I were endowed [with a] deeper [understanding] of Hamlet as it provided us a new perspective of Shakespeare’s work rather than just reading in the classroom setting.”

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Tina Osborne