Rainbow of Learning

2 children standing in front of a boarder with a rainbow that says "Rainbow of Learning".High Point preschoolers are excited about their rainbow of learning and working as a community to fill their pot of gold. Every color of the rainbow represents an area of learning. Purple is color identification, blue is shapes identification,  green is capital letter recognition, yellow is number recognition,  orange is lowercase letter recognition, and red is letter sounds.

As students master each skill they fill in their own rainbow to show their progress. For example; when students know their shapes, they color in the blue arc of their rainbow. For every beam they color a coin is earned to place in the pot. As a class we have set goals of earning 25 and 30 coins and have already earned an ice cream party and a pizza party. The students are currently working to earn 30 coins so Nelson the service dog can spend the day with us at school. Once students complete one rainbow, they move onto a rainbow of sight words. Several students are now working on a rainbow of sight words!   

Contact Person: 
Meredith Doane