Rhea Valley Elementary School | National Read a Book Day

A man reads to a group of studentsOn September 6th, Mr. Tom Musick read to the third grade classes at Rhea Valley Elementary. September 6th was National Read a Book Day and included Ag in the Classroom.

Prior to the reading, students were asked to describe a farmer and tell about the kind of work farmers do. Mr. Musick read the "Book, Ready, Set, Grow! A Tour of Virginia Farms and Agriculture". Students attempted to guess the type of work that Mr. Musick does. Because of his suit, the students guessed he was a principal, teacher, and bookkeeper. He explained that he was a farmer and part of the Washington County School Board.  Mr. Musick told the students that farmers wear many hats. People do not realize the wide range of skills a farmer needs to use on an everyday basis and one main skill they need is to be able to read.

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Donna Musick