Rhea Valley Elementary School | Third Graders Learn About China

Children sitting and looking at a screen.Rhea Valley Elementary third graders welcomed back former preschool teacher, Ms. Sujean Bradley, to talk about her experiences in China.  Ms. Bradley has visited China twice already.

She showed pictures from her travels and talked about China compared to America.  When she went to an "American" restaurant in China and ordered spaghetti, it came with a fried egg on it!  She had pictures of the Terracotta Warriors, The Great Wall, andthe Forbidden City.  She talked about the silk worms and rice fields.  Ms. Bradley was even treated to a tea ceremony.  Tea is a very popular drink in China.  China is a very interesting place with many similarities and differences to us in America, but Ms. Bradley's favorite part of China is the people.  The people are very nice and respectful with a great sense of humor. Third graders look forward to learning more about China as they continue to study it in social studies class.

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Victoria Smith