Robotics Workshops at Greendale Elementary

Students are touching a laptop computer while a high school student is teaching and a parent is standing behind the two girls. 4th & 5th graders (and their families) at Greendale participated in our first of many Robotics Workshops on Friday, January 2, 2015. The students enjoyed hands-on experience with buckets of LEGOS and real robots. We started the workshop explaining what type of LEGO Mindstorm NXT brick we will be using for the workshops.

We watched a video that demonstrated the First LEGO League (FLL) program for those interested in the fall tournament. The video can be viewed below. When the video was over, students were split into teams to work on the floor mats and to start programming the robot to move. The students were using the laptops to program the robots, download the programs, and then troubleshoot the programs to move the robot in a perfect square or to pick up an object. Thanks to many parents and local FLL robotics teams, our students will enjoy learning more about robotics throughout the rest of the year. Our next WCS Robotics Workshop is scheduled for Monday, February 9th 6p-8p at GES!

Contact Person: 
Lisa Okes