School Chorus Groups and Band Unite for Common Cause

A group of 100 plus young people stand on a track surface at football field with choral director standing in front; spectators are in foreground sitting on bleacher seats.On Tuesday evening, September 23, approximately 250 members from the Abingdon High School, Holston High School, and Patrick Henry High School Choruses, as well as the AHS Marching Band, presented a music-filled benefit concert in Abingdon High School's Falcon Stadium.

The event raised over $1,000, and 100% of all donations and concessions revenue will go to benefit local domestic abuse prevention and treatment programs. Special thanks to everyone involved and to all who attended and supported this special evening. The following is a quote from Mr. James Eggleston, AHS Choral Director:  "When harmony of sound and spirit is achieved, there is an instant reminder of our potential in human compassion. Each person gives what they have to create a wholeness that exponentially exceeds the sum of its parts.  There is a restoration of spirit and soul that comes with altruism and focused intent upon supporting others. Clearly, beautifully, exampled by these young people . . ."

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Glenna Holmes