Second Graders at WES Enjoy a Special Guest

A woman standing in front of a classroom of students.Second graders always enjoy learning about Helen Keller's remarkable story. For the past two years, students have enjoyed a presentation by Diana Salyer, an instructional assistant at Watauga Elementary. In the past, Mrs. Salyer worked with visually impaired students and was able to give second graders a glimpse into the life of a blind student.

She discussed their heightened senses to compensate for their vision loss, the use of canes to get from class to class, and how computers have simplified the life of the visually impaired. Mrs. Salyer demonstrated a Braille typewriter and presented each student with his/her name typed in Braille on a card.  Also, photographs of Helen Keller's childhood home were enjoyed by the students. These were taken by Mrs. Reedy, the assistant principal at Watauga, during a family trip to the Helen Keller Museum in Alabama. The presentation was a wonderful culminating activity to the second grade unit on Helen Keller.

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Shirley Hibbitts