Seventeen Wallace Students Selected for the Highlands Honor Choir

Three rows of students are pictured on the bleachers.Seventeen Wallace Middle School students (including three students named as alternates) were chosen via audition to participate in the first-ever Highlands Honor Choir (formerly All-County Chorus).

As part of the audition process, students were required to individually sing in front of judges who were listening for such aspects as intonation, musicality, and interpretation.  The following students were selected to represent Wallace: sopranos Kaylie H., Emilee B., Lilly M., Abby C., Caroline H., Mykenzie L., Hailey R., and Abbey S.; altos Jessie B., Bekah M., Kyra L., and Frank R.; and basses Ethan F., Elijah D., Skylar H., Shannon S., and Josh R.  The Highlands Honor Choir performed a concert for the public at Holston High School on Wednesday, October 21, at 7:00 p.m.

Contact Person: 
Deborah Hughes