The Skull Lady Visits Damascus Middle School!

An adult holds a large skull over a student’s head.On Friday, December 5, Mrs. Amy Caywood’s seventh-grade science students at Damascus Middle School were treated to a visit from the Skull Lady, Ms. Jude Colt, and her collection of skulls and vertebrae.

A research scientist by profession, the Skull Lady began her collection in high school and has developed it over the years with gifts from friends who knew of her hobby, as well as items she gathered through her own travels. Focusing on the theme “form follows function,” the Skull Lady encouraged the students to identify skulls of carnivores and herbivores by looking at the teeth. The students were able to investigate skulls from a dog, a lion, a crocodile, a horse, and a hummingbird, among others, as well as see the vertebrae of various birds and a whale! The Skull Lady’s enthusiasm for her collection was contagious; the students now possess some wonderful prior knowledge as they begin their study of the skeletal system! 

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Valerie Cox