Spring has Sprung at High Point Elementary!

Second Grade Students pose with artwork.After the long, cold winter, it sure has been nice to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather and combine it with a variety of hands-on learning experiences.  The Second grade students and their teachers are welcoming the Spring season by engaging in a  wide  array of activities.

The students have been learning about the life cycle of both plants and animals.  They learned the different parts of a plant and their functions.  All plants need certain things in order to live and grow, such as sunlight, water, nutrients, and space.  Students are particularly interested in the many types of animals. Animals also have basic needs in order to survive.  Just like plants, animals need food, water, and a space to live in. The Second grade students have also written several stories about Spring, drawn pictures, and created several models and representations of plants and animals. Spring has definitely sprung at High Point Elementary School!

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Meredith Doane