S.T.E.M. Night at Valley Institute

Students getting books and enjoy activities.Valley Institute Elementary School had a special treat in store for parents and students who came out to the PTO STEM Family Night, October 11th.  After the PTO informational meeting, parents and students were invited to tour the Kidz Place Book Bus and have their child choose a FREE book to take home and enjoy with family and siblings.

That is not all...parents and students then returned to their grade level where booths of STEM activities were taking place.  Parents were able to watch their children use scientific method to complete one of the many stimulating and challenging STEM activities.  Pre-K and Kindergarten read the story of The Three Little Pigs and were challenged to build a house for their pig made of toothpicks and gumdrops.  The house needed to be strong enough not to cave in when the Big Bad Wolf tried to blow it in (hairdryers on full speed).  Almost every student built a very strong house and kept their pigs safe!  Fun was had by all and everyone left with a fall snack and drink for the ride home.

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Sharon Clarke