Students at Wallace Middle School Study Acids and Bases

Students are sitting in a science classroom.Eighth grade students in Mr. Wallace’s science class are studying the nature of matter. As part of the science unit, students investigated acids and bases by conducting several experiments. Students used glass beakers containing different liquids and tested them using an indicator strip which shows the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

The results of the tests allowed them to determine whether the liquid was an acid or a base because the strips change color when they are placed in either an acid or a base. If the liquid is an acid, then the strip will turn pink. If it is a base, then the strip will turn blue. After verifying the results, the students then had to place the color of the pH strip on the pH scale. When the investigation was complete, students had a full understanding of the nature of bases and acids, they learned how to take a pH of a substance, and they also learned how the liquid could be used. The pH scales were then colored and placed outside in the hallways to give the students a colorful reminder of what pH means to them.

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Deborah Hughes