Students at Watauga Elementary Library are enjoying STEM based Maker

A group of students sitting at a table.Students at Watauga Elementary School Library are enjoying STEM based maker stations as part of their library class time.  Students are building chairs for Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears at the fairy tale problem solving station.

Students work in pairs to design and construct three chairs that will hold each character from the story.  Another station is designed to be an individual station that encourages hands on exploration while building with Magic Magnets. Another station in the library is based on manipulating Gears and creating structures while learning important team based social skills.  The favorite stations in the library however, is the basic coding
station.  This station teaches students from kindergarten to second grade how to code a mouse robot to navigate through the maze that the team builds.  The mouse when coded correctly should find the block of cheese. The older students have a more sophisticated robot named Ozobot Bit. Students are given markers and a code sheet to create basic coding maneuvers such as turning right to more sophisticated maneuvers like the tornado and the zigzag.  In addition to STEM stations in our library, Scholastics honored Dr. Jones and Dr. Stanley with a Certificate of Appreciation for 2,000 books being placed in students hands from the 2016 Book Fairs.

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Barbara Jones