Sunburners vs. Shades Volleyball Game at High Point Elementary

HPES Fifth Graders Play Volleyball! On Tuesday, February 3rd students and staff packed High Point Elementary gym for the 9th annual 5 th Grade vs. Teacher volleyball game. This game has become a tradition and a favorite activity by all students.

The 5th grade Sunburners Team were introduced to the sport of volleyball three weeks prior to the game during their regular physical education class. They learned how to pass, set/overhead pass, and underhand and overhand serves. They took those skills and learned to play the game of volleyball.  The student-teacher volleyball game consisted of three matches played in total. Shades the teacher team won the first match, Sunburners won the 2nd, and a very intense third match as Shades took the 3rd match to victory.  Most importantly, 5th grade learned sportsmanship and how to play as a team.

Following the game was a dance party was held to celebrate.

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Meredith Doane