Tail Waggin' Tutors Visit GES

1st grade students in a circle with small dog in the center.First graders had a special treat on Friday, April 15th.  We were visited by some four legged animals….the Tail Waggin’ Tutors! Students were very excited to get to know the dogs and their owners by asking the owners questions about the dogs.

Students wanted to know how long the dog had to be trained before being able to get to come to school, how old the dogs were, what kind of dogs they were, and those were just a FEW of their questions. After learning some information about the dogs, the students were then able to pet and see the dogs do tricks. The dogs were then read to by the students so that the dogs could rest and enjoy the students. It was very exciting to meet the dogs and see the tricks, but most of all, the students enjoyed reading to the dogs.

Contact Person: 
Lisa Ball