Team Intense Visits Damascus Middle School!

Two students tear phone books with help from two adults.On Wednesday, September 17, Damascus Middle School students, faculty, and staff were challenged to meet obstacles with strength and courage by Team Intense!  With music blasting and muscles bulging, Team Intense members Josh Whisneant and Kenneth Etta shared their physical and mental strength while talking about the importance of making good choices in life.  

After bending an iron bar, Etta encouraged students to “be a buddy, not a bully.”  When he requested the strongest boy and girl in the audience, students selected eighth-grader Mason L. and seventh-grader Ivy H. to each attempt to tear a phone book in half. When they were unable to accomplish this, Etta pointed out that even the strongest can’t do much without help.  With his help, both Mason and Ivy accomplished this feat almost effortlessly!  After dousing his audience with soda from cans that he ripped apart with his bare hands, Whisneant surprised them when he stated that they were not born winners.  However, he empowered them when he went on to say that they were each born choosers, with the strength to choose what they wanted to do in life.  The hope of Team Intense is that their audience was not only impressed by the amazing feats of strength we witnessed but that we were also inspired to make good choices in our own lives!

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Valerie Cox