Third Grade Wildcats Read Across America with Dads

A man reading in front of a group of students.I might eat cake. I might eat green beans. I might blow out candles, or tie up some strings. I might open ten gifts or other crazy things. It isn’t my birthday, no it is not, but Dr. Seuss we can celebrate a lot.

Third grade students at Watauga Elementary School were excited to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd. In honor of the beloved childrens’ author of rhyming, whimsical tales, dads were invited to read in the classrooms. In true Seussical fashion, our dads were tongue tied and flustered. It was a wonderful experience to see students and fathers interacting so joyously while partaking of Green Eggs and Ham, in a literary sense of course.

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Robin Herndon