Third Graders at GES Experienced a Barter/STEM Kind of Day

Third grade boy wearing a blue and orange football jersey sits at a student desk working on a project with objects that look like pens.Greendale Elementary third graders had a fabulous time watching “Jingle All the Way” at the Barter Theatre, especially with the play’s message of working as a team, being willing to listen to suggestions for improvement, and realizing that each individual has his or her own personal strengths and weaknesses…and that’s okay!

One character, elf-in-training Jingle, helped the elves in Santa’s workshop by coming up with a new idea that would increase productivity of the Quantum Leap on the workshop assembly line. Back in class, third graders participated in a STEM activity involving putting pens together in an assembly line. Students were placed in two different groups. One group put pens together individually, while the other group came up with an assembly line plan. Students made a hypothesis, made predictions, investigated the problem, and collected data about which group would be the most productive. Students also discussed their individual strategies: what worked, what didn’t work, and how they could improve the next time. Students concluded that an assembly line is more productive than an individual doing all the work. 

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Donna Dwyer